Hawaii: Islands That Will Leave You Speechless

The body travels faster than the soul. While a part of me still drifts in the Pacific Ocean on a surfboard, legs dangling in the water, silently watching the corals that sparkle at the bottom of the sea like multicolored crystals when the sun shines upon them, the reality of home hasn’t fully caught me yet.


8 Reasons to Travel to Vietnam This Winter

A journey to Vietnam isn’t complete without a stay in Hanoi, the country’s capital city. Sure, but there’s so much more that Vietnam has to offer! After explaining how to survive Vietnam last week, I’ll now tell you which highlights not to miss on your Vietnam trip: 8 good reasons to travel to Vietnam this winter.


What makes a sight a sight?

Sights are the regulatory element of all our travels. Only a few of us manage travel without sightseeing. No matter how far off the beaten path you travel, the sight is where you’ll meet up with all those other travelers and tourists. But who defines what’s worth seeing? What makes a sight a sight?


Into the Middle of Nowhere: Son Trach, Vietnam

Luscious green palm leaves bending in the wind. Water buffalos on flooded rice fields. The sound of a rattling scooter engine. A rain poncho hanging from a tree at the side of the street, fluttering in the wind. It is a rare occasion that an insider’s tip from a travel guide really is an insider’s tip. Son Trach exceeds expectations.


How to Cross the Street and Stay Alive in Vietnam

Vietnam is the perfect country for first-time visitors to Southeast Asia. You probably have a lot of questions, still: How the hell are you supposed to cross a street without getting knocked down? How does it feel to be a millionaire? What is pho? And how much is too much money for a ride in a motor taxi?

Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii

The Hawaii Bucket List: Planning a Visit to the Aloha State

Turtles, black sand, flowing lava in an extraterrestrial surrounding or a sunrise above the clouds – I am planning my trip to Hawaii! It’s only three more weeks until I leave for an epic journey. Help me build my itinerary! Would you like to get a postcard? Learn how to get one by clicking on the Hawaii Bucket List!