El Gouna: Last-Minute Travel Guide To The Red Sea

Are you ready for a spontaneous vacation? Come with me to El Gouna! You’ll get desert stout beer, disguised radio masts and a perfect breeze for kite surfing. See my last-minute guide to El Gouna for more trivia and everything you need to know about Egypt’s beautiful kite surfing, golf and diving mekka.

A woman on the dike in Neuharlingersiel, Germany

Dear North Sea: I Don’t Like You, I Love You

The North Sea isn’t for wimps. It is moody and effervescent. Its storms sough coldly through the stitches in your knits and let your hair be blown into your face. Yet, it can be pleasant and inviting. Hate it or love it. I fell in love with the North Sea at an early age. Here’s my love letter to the North Sea.

The Hacker-Pschorr Beer Tent - Heaven of the Bavarians and one of 14 Oktoberfest beer tents

10 Things You Need to Know About the Oktoberfest

I’m uber happy to announce that after a long pause I’ll visit the Oktoberfest once again this year! Are you going to the world’s biggest fair as well? If it is your first time and if you want to enjoy your visit as much as I do, just follow my 10 ultimate tips for a successful Wiesn visit.

A man who is traveling alone is watching the ocean at Great Ocean Road, Australia.

Why We Should Stop Traveling Alone

Traveling on your own is great and from time to time it is necessary. I have made some great experiences when I was traveling alone. But it is even better to have a travel partner. We should stop to think of travel as a solitary business. We should start traveling with people we care about.

Making a living in Sofia: Dimitar collects waste

Postcard From Sofia: To Make A Living From Garbage

Bulgaria is the poorest of all EU countries. Many young people have left the country in recent years to find an education and work abroad. Some cannot leave. They have to try to make a living in their home country – like Dimitar who searches the waste containers of Sofia for recyclables.