Art Instead of Graffiti: Philadelphia on a Mural Arts Tour

Illegal graffiti is an indicator of social evils. But if you give a brush to a sprayer and tell him to paint his neighborhood legally, he turns into an artist. The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program has done exactly that – for more than 30 years. It has ignited change throughout the city and it is an outstanding example of social work.


More LOVE, Please! 33 Hours In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is half way between Washington DC and New York City. Philadelphia is, if you want, the city in which the United States of America were founded. You can see Philadelphia in two hours. In theory. Hands-on, you should stay much longer than that. Today, I’m gonna show you what to do on a 33 hour short break in Philly.


Bali, baby! The 9 Most Heavenly Airbnb Villas In Paradise

Bali, Baby! I’m going to Bali in October! And I made a decision: Why live in a hotel when I can rent a whole villa? I spent a whole weekend browsing through Airbnb and made a list with my favorite Bali homes for rent. Which one is the most beautiful? Come on, have a look at them, help me make my decision and get inspired!