Hawaii: The Costs of Traveling in Paradise

Besides New Zealand and Australia, Hawaii is one of the most expensive holiday destinations worldwide. If you want to go there, keep in mind that your journey might become quite expensive. How expensive? That’s what we’ll talk about today: I’ll break down the costs of traveling to Hawaii.

Obertauern Snowbiking. Foto: Tourismusverband Obertauern

Tires Off, Skis On: Snow Bike Test In Obertauern

WITH VIDEO! Racing down the slope on a bike? That’s possible! Not with a normal bicycle of course, but with a snow bike. I have tested an unusual winter sports equipment on the slopes of Obertauern and I can say that although it might look a bit funny on the piste, snow biking is a whole lot of fun!


11 Things You Need to Know About Fastnacht in Mainz

Do you have any plans for next weekend so far? No? Great! Drop everything at once and move your ass to Mainz. From Thursday on, the city will be hosting one of the biggest outdoors parties in Germany. Fastnacht is nearly over – but before it’s carried to the grave it reaches its climax.

Let's leave our culinary comfort zones: A Boy is selling Balut on a ferry in Cambodia you are what you eat

You Are What You Eat

Are you an experimental eater or do you shy away from foreign food? Did you ever try scorpions? Minke whale? When it comes to foreign cuisines we have to leave our culinary comfort zone. Experimenting with strange tastes is awesome – even though some foreign dishes and snacks might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Foto: Viktor Hanacek

Your Ultimate Guide to Getting Lost

Getting lost in foreign places is one of the most rewarding ways of travel. It reduces your stress level to a minimum and opens your senses to a maximum. Finally, you’ll be able to see your surrounding for real. Not sure how to manage getting lost – without really getting lost? Help is just one click away!

Obertauern. Foto: Tourismusverband Obertauern

Stars on Skis: Obertauern and the Double Beatles

In 1965 the Beatles are in Austria for the first time in their career. In Obertauern they want to shoot scenes for their second movie „Help“. There is only one problem: None of the Fab Four can ski. So the crew and the Beatles have to rely on doubles for the wild chases down the piste…