How to Cross the Street and Stay Alive in Vietnam

Vietnam is the perfect country for first-time visitors to Southeast Asia. You probably have a lot of questions, still: How the hell are you supposed to cross a street without getting knocked down? How does it feel to be a millionaire? What is pho? And how much is too much money for a ride in a motor taxi?

Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii

The Hawaii Bucket List: Planning a Visit to the Aloha State

Turtles, black sand, flowing lava in an extraterrestrial surrounding or a sunrise above the clouds – I am planning my trip to Hawaii! It’s only three more weeks until I leave for an epic journey. Help me build my itinerary! Would you like to get a postcard? Learn how to get one by clicking on the Hawaii Bucket List!


Postcards From Jasmina. A Short Story

What if you grow old and feel like you haven’t lived your life? What if you were alone at home and dreamed of places far away, places you’ll never have the chance to see? Like Maria, who is sitting on her kitchen stool without motion, her tired eyes looking out of wrinkled lids, an old and tired woman…


El Gouna: Last-Minute Travel Guide To The Red Sea

Are you ready for a spontaneous vacation? Come with me to El Gouna! You’ll get desert stout beer, disguised radio masts and a perfect breeze for kite surfing. See my last-minute guide to El Gouna for more trivia and everything you need to know about Egypt’s beautiful kite surfing, golf and diving mekka.

A woman on the dike in Neuharlingersiel, Germany

Dear North Sea: I Don’t Like You, I Love You

The North Sea isn’t for wimps. It is moody and effervescent. Its storms sough coldly through the stitches in your knits and let your hair be blown into your face. Yet, it can be pleasant and inviting. Hate it or love it. I fell in love with the North Sea at an early age. Here’s my love letter to the North Sea.