6 reasons to visit New Zealand on a short trip

For most Europeans and Americans, New Zealand is at the other end of the world. It takes light years to get there. Is it worth it to visit New Zealand on a short trip? Yes, says Author Julia Tillmann and shows us why the other end of the world is always worth a visit, no matter how long you stay.

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A Tale of Homesickness and Wanderlust

I always though that as a kid with a severe case of insatiable wanderlust I was immune to homesickness. But then it caught me out of nowhere. And I’m glad and thankful that it did. Because feeling homesick showed me that no matter how long and how far I travel, I still have a place that I can call home.

The-history-of-surfing-in-Hawaii-Duke-Kahanamoku photo Loren javier

On The Trails Of The Duke: A Short History Of Surfing

Hawaii is deemed the birthplace of modern surfing. There is no place in the world where the waves break as regularly as here. There is no place where surfing is such an integral part of a peoples’ history and culture. Hawaiians have used wood to glide through the ocean for ages. No place in the world has as lively a history of surfing as Hawaii does.

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Memories. A Thought Experiment

What if you are invited on THE journey of your lifetime. You can do whatever you want, as long as you want, without anybody interfering. You won’t even have to pay for it. The rub is: Your photos will be deleted after the journey. Also, your memories will be erased and you won’t remember anything. Will you take the journey anyway?


Hawaii: The Costs of Traveling in Paradise

Besides New Zealand and Australia, Hawaii is one of the most expensive holiday destinations worldwide. If you want to go there, keep in mind that your journey might become quite expensive. How expensive? That’s what we’ll talk about today: I’ll break down the costs of traveling to Hawaii.