Well then, enjoy your summer holidays!

The summer holidays are about to begin and although I ought to be happy that I don’t have to travel with the crowds, the holiday mood of these days is infectious. I catch myself day-dreaming about Mediterranean beaches and Italian ice cream, seized by a tiny little monster called holiday envy.

Old Trabants are a common sight in the streets of Sofia

Oh Sofia. I Fell in Love With You, in June.

Sofia in June. I fell in love with you, in June. I couldn’t help it. They’ll understand once they have seen your beauty, I’ll show them photos and they’ll all come. They’ll all fall in love with you and they’ll come back like me. You’ll never be ignored anymore, Vienna of the east.

Mount Rinjani Summit Sunrise volcano

On My Bucket List: Climb an Active Volcano

Due to the eruption of the Indonesian volcano Gunung Rinjani, Europe faced a year without summer in 1258. The eruption of Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland in 2010 brought European air traffic to a standstill. Whenever one climbs an active volcano, danger is omnipresent.