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On My Bucket List: Run a Half Marathon

Actually, I don’t like running too much – it bores the hell out of me, never mind if I have company or am running to music. But I guess it is much more fun if there are people watching you, and cheering at you all the way. And I can imagine the adrenaline shoot running through your body once you have finished the race. So I decided I want to try it out – maybe next year, maybe the year after. But I’ll definitely need some good training beforehand.

Photo by Peter Morville.

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  1. I used to be really bored by running, especially as I can run for a long time (a few hours), although not very fast. Then I started downloading podcasts about politics, literature, travel, philosophy. I find a lot of interesting stuff on NPR, HR, WDR and DLF. Now I can run for hours without getting bored, because I am listening to a debate about poverty reduction or an explanation of Rawls’ veil of ignorance. In fact, now I often want to go running because I want to have time again to listen to my podcasts. I think this works much better than music.

    You are right about the crowd being motivating. I never have any friends or family cheering me on, but the presence of a crowd, of music and the party atmosphere still help.

    I would pick a half marathon at a location where you wanted to travel to anyway and combine it with a holiday. I have done that a few times and have run half marathons in some nice places around the world:

    If you manage to run around 15 km without a break in training, you should be ready for a half marathon. Before I ran my first one, I had never run 21 km without a break, but it worked out.

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