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Postcard From France: The Alps From Above

This week’s postcard shows a part of the French Alps, illuminated by the sun. I shot that picture when I returned from a holiday in Andalusia with two of my friends back in 2008. Whenever possible, I’ll make sure to be seated at a window when flying, and I’ll be quite disappointed if I don’t get a window seat. This is why. There’s so much to see even if the sky is cloudy. You’ll always have sun above the clouds. And I am always curious to see how the world looks from above. By the way, the French Alps are the southwesternmost part of the Alps. They extend over an area of roughly 41 000 square kilometers – of 200 000 square kilometers total – and the Mont Blanc (4810 meters), the highest mountain of the Alps, is situated in the south. The mountain is considered to be part of the French Alps although a part if it actually belongs to Italy – known as Monte Bianco there.


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