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On My Bucket List: Get a Tattoo in Bangkok

Well, this one certainly isn’t on my list because of Hangover 2… And well, my face is a taboo area anyway. I definitely won’t do it like Stuart “Stu” Price. The place of choice is my right ankle, and it’s going to be a small heart. I actually wanted to get it when I was in Australia but wasn’t sure if it was just a crackpot idea. Now that I had one and a half years to think about it I’m pretty sure I want to have it. I think it is going to be more special if I get it on a holiday – as a reminder of the good time I had. Let’s see what happens when I am in Bangkok at the end of my trip to South-East Asia.

I found this photo by liketattoo when I googled for ankle heart tattoos and I immediately had a crush on it.


  1. I am glad you took over a year to think about this. A small tattoo in a place that can be easily displayed or easily hidden often looks really nice, but I’m not a fan of big tattoos over large parts of the body that are always on display.

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