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On My Bucket List: Be Brave and Skydive

I can totally imagine my pulse racing when they open the door of the plane just a few moments before jumping. I would never dare to jump on my own – I will need my tandem partner to push me out of the door and into the free fall. Yet, it is not a question of if or when to do it but of where to do it. I missed my chance to skydive from above the Great Barrier Reef when I was in Australia in 2012 for I didn’t have the money then. Man, I should have spent it, anyway! I guess that there are lots of spectacular places with spectacular views from above and I welcome your tips!



Photos by Kathryn Whittenberge and Sarah Ackerman.

Note: I have decided to slowly develop my bucket list as a series of posts instead of posting everything that is in my head all at once. Each Saturday, I will add a new point to my list and, what’s more important, explain to you why it is on there. 


  1. monika

    do it!! it such an amazing feeling. i went with a smaller unit here in alberta so its just you, your partner, and the pilot in the plane…and there is no door! its pretty surreal but definitely worth doing! cheers ^^

      • monika

        i promise, its not!! its actually neat but loud :) the best part is when you sit on the edge of the door with your feet dangling, looking down at the ground. it was a totally surreal moment. definitely one of my favourites of the entire jump ^^

      • hard to believe that – i am slightly afraid of heights. But as I said, I’ll do it.

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