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11 Questions, 11 Answers: A Blog Baton!

Caroline of the wonderful German travel blog Shave the Whales has passed me my first blog baton with 11 questions to which I am finding answers in this post. Thank you so much! The rules of the game are simple: I will pass on the baton with 11 new questions to seven most wonderful travel bloggers at the bottom of this post.

What was the most disgusting thing you ever ate while traveling?

Some years ago, I was on a camping holiday in Andalusia with two of my best friends. It was my birthday and we had decided to cook something proper rather than eating toast for the occasion. So we unpacked the gas cooker for the first time, bought a new cartridge, and then noticed that the cooker was not working properly anymore. It would only work on low flame. Unfortunately, at the time there was nobody around to help us out so we decided to try it anyway. To make matters worse, when we were about to put the noodles into the half boiling water, we realized we had packed sugar instead of salt. In the end we had a dinner consisting of sticky, half cooked and unsalted pasta with sugar-tomato sauce.

By the way: I have never yet tasted any of the things one would usually describe as disgusting – i have so far always passed cockroaches, scorpions and the like with amazement and disgust. I have never tasted any of it. And I do not know if I will ever o so. Brrr.

What was the most wicked means of transportation you ever used?

By now, it has become perfectly normal for me to take it, and I will always be surprised by other peoples’ disbelief or even anxiety of this means of transportation: An FK9. We are talking about an ultralight plane here, one of these small things that look as if they are build from cheap plastic parts at the first glance. They are not, of course. They are real, small planes, altogether with two seats and a real cockpit. And the best part is: My boyfriend has a license.

Which means of transportations make you get sick?

Fortunately, I do not have any problems with that. Well, to be honest, I was feeling a bit strange during my recent trip with a coach crossing Cambodia. Those meter deep potholes, a nearly empty stomach and shortness of sleep did their best to make me feel uncomfortable. I was really happy when we finally had our first rest stop.

Who was your most annoying travel companion ever?

Dad, I hope you will not be angry at me for saying this when you read my answer. But, you know, some teenagers really do not feel like going hiking with their parents all day when they can also have a nap on the beach.

Was there ever an animal you met on a journey that you wanted to take home with you?

YES – the baby kangaroo from Cleland Wildlife Park in Adelaide. It was eating from my hands and came jumping after me. Do I have to say anything else? I mean, just look at the picture!

At which beach did you find the most beautiful shell ever?

I am not really interested in shells. I often pick them up on the beach, have a look at them, even collect a few, but I never take them home with me. I am most fascinated by tiny snails. At a Cretan beach, I once found a dead seahorse which I took home with me and displayed on a small cushion in my playroom for years. But in general, I think stones are more interesting than shells and the like.

Which name of a country or city sounds so good to you that you want to go there immediately?

Chicago. I cannot say why. I have never been there, know next to nothing about the city, and have have seen only a few pictured. But the name does sound nice.

Which piece of clothing did you buy on a journey and never wore again?

That is one of those backpacker pants. Nice and comfortable if it is hot and humid but not appropriate for wearing at home. Not even in summer. You just cannot wear them in normal life. Fullstop. But then again, I did not buy the pants for wearing at home and it will surely be in my luggage on my next trip.

Backpacker pants in action in Angkor. Nice but really misshapen.

What was your most annoying music moment in a coach?

I was in a children’s choir for ten years and we used to do a one-week-journey every year. We all spent the time on the bus singing, of course. In the beginning everything was cool but after a while, the singing would always get on my nerves.

Which was the most hideous postcard you ever got from somebody?

Berlin at night. Postcards with nothing on them but a pair of whit, comic style eyes and a lettering saying ‘… at night’ are the most stupid postcards ever. In general, I am glad for every postcard I get and I think that one should write postcards more often. I do not care if the greetings written on them are uninspired. It is the gesture that counts.

In which country did you celebrate the most excessive party of your life?

At the French Atlantic coast, in the tiny village of Le Porge Océan. I was there in the summer before and the summer after graduation with friends. We wanted to avoid the Mallorca-Lloret party holidays which we deemed a bit primitive. But after all, we partied and drank just as much as our friends who went there. Two weeks in a row.


And now, I am passing the baton on to…

Gabriel and Jade of We Travel and Blog, Alena of The Trip Architect, Ryan of The Riders Tale, Colleen of Colleen Brynn Travels, Jodie of The Little Backpacker, Lea of The Opposite of Loss, and Laryssa of Needle Girl, Haystack World, with the following questions:

What does adventure mean to you?
If you could chose any travel companion – who would you chose?
Is there a city or country you would never visit?
Which means of transportation do you like most?
Do you remember your first holiday fling?
What is the most hideous souvenir you ever bought?
What is the most beautiful part of your hometown?
Is there anything you would never leave home without?
Who is the addressee of your postcards?
Beach or hillside?
Why did you start blogging?

I am looking forward to reading your answers!

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  2. Oh, I know the feeling of wanting to bring animals home with me while I’m traveling. Most recently, I bonded with a cat in Mongolia and I actually cried when I had to say goodbye. I still think about him…

  3. Lennart

    Chicago does not only sound nice, but it is also an amazing city! I’ve only been there for three weekends yet and those were several years apart, but it’s on my bucket list for sure. 🙂

    Happy New Year by the way, meine Liebe!

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