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Mainz, Germany: A Walk in the Snow

This is cold and snowy Germany in the wintertime. Only some days ago, everything was grey and depressing, but by now, frosty temperatures and snow have brought back the nice side of the season. This is what Mainz looks like these days.

With the snow lying everywhere, nature does not look as dark and dead anymore. A snow shower comes off the trees at the roadside whenever the robins, titmice and sparrows playing in the branches flutter their wings. You’ll see the scene in every tree if you watch closely.

Just as many people rather stay in their warm houses or offices when it is freezing outside, the trees are waiting for spring to arrive. Some months from now, they’ll be green and bursting with life again…

…while these flowers only bloom in wintertime.

Due to the heavy snow and freezing rain, some schools are closed since yesterday. The kids don’t mind, they enjoy their day off.

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