Hi, I’m Anna.
Journalist, web designer, travel blogger and world traveler.
But before I am going to tell you more about me, let me say a few things about this blog.

You can make more of your holiday! More than just lying on the beach all day long and queue at buffets with hundreds of other tourists. More than package tours and standard program. Your holiday can be environmentally and socially sustainable. It can be an exciting alternative to mass tourism, pool landscapes and resort hotel parks.

To all the backpackers and flashpackers out there: This goes out to you!

Anemina Travels focuses on individual and independent travel for wanderlusters and adventurers. For travelers in hiking boots and flip flops. For all those who don’t want to walk the beaten path in their shoes.

I want to show you how you can make more of your holiday. I want to encourage you to leave your comfort zone and explore unknown territories. I know that you have a lot of questions. Questions that I have asked myself many times. This is the place where you’ll find answers. Answers wrapped in high quality content and authentic, honest travelogues from around the world. I want to share my travel wisdom with you and I want to inspire you with thought-provoking texts about mass tourism and traveling.

I write for adventurers, people with inquisitive minds and those plagued by the travel bug. For friends of the sea and of the mountains. Hikers, nature lovers and big city kids with a passion for the outdoors. For people whose home is nature. For those who don’t want to stay in hostels anymore but still refuse to sell their adventurous minds to a package holiday agency. You and I, we have one thing in common: We can’t wait to pack our suitcases and backpacks, get out there and walk on the wild side!

So who am I?
My name is Anna and Anemina is the nickname I had as a kid.

I’m Anna, a journalist and web designer by profession and a travel lover and adventurer by heart. I live in Mainz, Germany and I like to write text and code. I always have a plane ticket or a plan for at least one upcoming trip. I collect old flight tickets, entry tickets and metro tickets, maps and atlases. I love the mountains: You’ll find me in the mountains hiking in summer and snowboarding in winter. I love the forest and I love the sea. I am an outdoor kid.

I want to show you a world that thanks to a lot of journeys in recent years I have gotten to know and love – avoiding the crowds and tourist traps. I want to inspire you to follow my path and make your holiday an experience you’ll never forget.

In secret, I dream of becoming a digital nomad and be able to work from everywhere – although I wouldn’t want to travel permanently. Want to know why? Read: Traveling indefinitely? No, thanks!

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And if I may ask you for another favor, please answer the following question for me. Don’t remain a stranger! Whether your answer comes in a 1000 word email or in 140 characters, I’ll answer them all.

Why do you travel and what is it that you want to see most of all in the world?


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