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Bali, baby! The 9 Most Heavenly Airbnb Villas In Paradise

Close your eyes and think about Bali. What comes to your mind? Tropical paradise, temples, beautiful beaches and peaceful, calm surroundings – well at least if you’re not staying in Kuta I guess… It is what I think about when I think Bali. And one more thing: Awesome interior decoration and beautifully styled homes and boutique hotels. For the foreign visitor, Bali isn’t the cheapest place in South East Asia and a boutique hotel room can easily blow your budget. Ever thought about renting an Airbnb Bali accommodation?

If you are looking for affordable yet beautiful and out of the ordinary Bali homes you should definitely have a look on Airbnb! The platform has turned into one of my favorite booking sites in the last couple of months and you’ll never find comparable rooms on any other platform – both in terms of pricing as well as in terms of style and individuality.

To ease waiting for my upcoming trip to Bali, I have spent a couple of rainy evenings with my laptop looking for the most beautiful Airbnb Bali homes. Why book a standardized hotel room if you can book a whole amazing villa? Have a look at my favorites!


Jeda Villa

I loooove infinity pools! Even the thought of having an infinity pool all to my own makes my heart beat faster and louder. Okay, you might not have a view over the skylines of Dubai, Bangkok or Singapore from that pool, but you have a gorgeous view over untouched nature and a couple of javanese volcanoes. That totally makes up for it, doesn’t it? Villa Jeda is situated on a hill, less than a mile from the beach. It seems to be an ideal place for everybody who is looking for a peaceful spot on the Balinese north shore.

Rate: 265 USD per night for 2 persons. Price includes room service, laundry service, a shuttle service, and breakfast. Lunch and dinner can be booked separately and will be cooked on the property and delivered to you.
Location: Pemuteran, North-West Bali.

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Bamboo Villa

A villa that’s completely made from bamboo? Yay! Everything is built from bamboo in this gorgeous little home (apart from the flatscreen TV that almost looks like foreign matter in this surrounding). Okay, there is WIFI and running water and also a fully equipped kitchen. The bamboo house is part of an eco settlement project called Green Village at the Ayung river near Ubud. It has 4 floors and three rooms with double beds and thus must be much larger than it looks on the pictures. However, it is pretty open to the surrounding nature – meaning that bugs and mosquitos can come in as well. There are high quality nets on the beds. Luckily, chemical weapons aren’t the only thing that help to fight off mosquitos. There are a couple of natural repellants, as described in this article.

Preis: 325 USD per night for up to 6 persons, weekly rate 2150 USD.
Location: Green Village, about 30 minutes by car or scooter from Ubud in the jungle.

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Tranquility in the rice fields

There’s a palm tree growing in the bathroom and a pool made of natural volcanic rock. Honestly, I don’t need much more to be convinced that this place is heaven. But: There are 12 more palm trees on site, a tropical garden and, well, the price is unbeatable. I love how the owners warn their guests of frogs, lizards and insects that might be at home in such a tropical surrounding: They just ask everybody with a nature phobia to please stay away from their place (in capital letters). So please remember: If you want nature, you get it.

Rate: 90 USD per night for up to 4 persons or 580 USD per week.
Location: Ubud, in the middle of rice paddies.

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I’m not sure if I even need to say anything about this villa. Just look at the pictures and you’ll fall in love! If I had to find a long term home in Bali, I’d chose this one right away. This place is heaven –with all its lovely decor, its pool, rice paddy view, open rooms and huge tropical garden. I love it. It’s like Pippi Longstocking and Robinson Crusoe could live there together. It tells a story of pirates and treasures. Should I ever plan to write a novel, I’d write it here. Definitely. And I’m sure it would become a best-seller.

Rate: 134 USD per night, 840 USD per week, for 2 persons. There is only one bedroom.
Location: In the rice fields of Penestanan, 20 minutes walking distance to Ubud. Can’t be reached by car.

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The artist’s villa

The world map that’s painted to the living room wall made me fall for this villa in the first place. If I had any suitable wall at home, I’d already have a map like that painted at it, too. Even apart from that detail, this villa is pretty nice. It was decorated by local artists and it is clean and fancy, yet authentic. Everything is a bit more luxurious and less natural – which can also be nice for a change. All bedrooms have air condition, there’s a home cinema in the living room, there’s WIFI and so on. Some restaurants and shops in the neighborhood cater to your needs and the beach can be reached within a short walk. Oh, let’s not forget the pool: This pool looks awesome. I imagine lying there with a cool beer in my hand… oh yeah. Just daydreaming…

Rate: 99 USD per night for up to 6 persons.
Location: Seminyak, North Kuta. Surf Beach, restaurants and shops are within walking distance and the villa comes with its own parking lot for a car or a couple of scooters.

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The “I-want-my-bedroom-to-look-exactly-like-this” villa

Another luxurious villa in Seminyak that comes with a slightly higher rate. Shared by 6 persons, it’s still okay, though, if you think about what you get. The villa has a very classy interior, it’s pretty light and open and has lot’s of wooden details. It partly reminds me of minimalist mid century modern architecture. I love minimalism in decoration, so I think I’d feel pretty good walking through these rooms. When I grow up, I want to have a bedroom just like the one pictured. By the way: This villa comes with its own pool boy.

Rate: 265 USD per night for up to 6 guests.
Location: In Seminyak, only a few yards away from the beach, from shops and restaurants.

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The Honeymoon Villa

Oh well. This villa might be a bit too expensive if you are on a holiday. But think about a honeymoon and it might get into reach. There’s a regular pool and a rooftop pool, a few lotus ponds, a butler, a chef, a villa supervisor, a housekeeping supervisor, maids, a pool man and a security man. Plus, you’ll get temporary passes for the exclusive Canggu Club in the neighborhood. It’s kind of sad that one cannot book this villa without all that stuff and pay a reasonable amount of money. Because, well, look at the pictures: This is an awesome place!

Rate: 998 USD per day (well…). At least there’s enough room for 8 persons. The 500 square yard property and costs for staff are included in the price.
Location: Seminyak.

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Villa Joshua

An affordable villa for a change: Vintage Villa Joshua is nicely done up with lots of blue and grey shades that make it look pretty noble. I love the kitchen deco and the hammock in the pool area. I might just spend my time at Villa Joshua between that hammock, the pool, and the kitchen. The villa is in North Kuta, has only one neighbor and apart from that is surrounded by rice paddies. Private pool parties, here we come! You will need a scooter or a bike to get to the beach – carrying your own surfboards might be a challenge (if you weren’t born in South East Asia and know who to ride a bike with a surfboard attached to it).

Rate: 99 USD per night or 670 USD per week for up to 6 persons.
Location: A calm neighborhood in North Kuta, near Pererenan Beach.

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The villa with a pool in the living room

Apart from the villa with the infinity pool this villa definitely comes with the best pool area. I especially love one detail: The living room is a bit lowered down and separated from the pool area with glass. From the sofa, you can watch what happens in the pool. I love the villa because there are so many plants and colors. There’s also a big hot tub in the open bathroom, isn’t that cool? Don’t forget to pack your soap once you have used it. I did that in Sri Lanka once. Every morning, I wondered where my soap was gone and then, one night, I saw a cute little animal feasting on it…

Rate: 240 USD per night for up to 4 persons. Location: North Kuta, 100 yards from the beach with shops and restaurants nearby.

Book on airbnb.


Which Airbnb Bali villa is your favorite? Have you been to Bali? Leave your tips for accommodation or things to do in the comment section!

All photos: © Airbnb


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  1. I have been to Bali many times and never get tired of reading about it. I have never tried Airbnb but would give it a go with a couple of these places. Thanks for sharing.

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