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More LOVE, Please! 33 Hours In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is half way between Washington DC and New York City. Philadelphia is, if you want, the city in which the United States of America were founded. You can see Philadelphia in two hours. In theory. Hands-on, you should stay much longer than that. Today, I’m gonna show you what to do on a 33 hour short break in Philly.

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A Tale of Homesickness and Wanderlust

I always though that as a kid with a severe case of insatiable wanderlust I was immune to homesickness. But then it caught me out of nowhere. And I’m glad and thankful that it did. Because feeling homesick showed me that no matter how long and how far I travel, I still have a place that I can call home.

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Memories. A Thought Experiment

What if you are invited on THE journey of your lifetime. You can do whatever you want, as long as you want, without anybody interfering. You won’t even have to pay for it. The rub is: Your photos will be deleted after the journey. Also, your memories will be erased and you won’t remember anything. Will you take the journey anyway?