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Why are so many young people in Palm Springs crazy about Bingo? What is the secret of the two highest palm trees in El Gouna, Egypt? And can you guess where the world’s biggest outdoor sandbox is?

On the following pages, you will find the most beautiful and the most bizarre travelogues from all over the world. Learn how I learned that stereotypes do exist for a reason in Thailand and read about what it is like to cross the American Sierra Nevada in the darkness of the night, without any knowledge of the place and gas running low. I tried home made Bulgarian Rakia, defied my fear of height by jumping into down a huge Tarzan swing in Costa Rica, searched for stars on the night skies of Dubai and found paradise in Sri Lanka.

Follow me around the world, off the beaten path, always searching for the next adventure and the best outdoor experience!

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More LOVE, Please! 33 Hours In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is half way between Washington DC and New York City. Philadelphia is, if you want, the city in which the United States of America were founded. You can see Philadelphia in two hours. In theory. Hands-on, you should stay much longer than that. Today, I’m gonna show you what to do on a 33 hour short break in Philly.

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8 Reasons to Travel to Vietnam This Winter

A journey to Vietnam isn’t complete without a stay in Hanoi, the country’s capital city. Sure, but there’s so much more that Vietnam has to offer! After explaining how to survive Vietnam last week, I’ll now tell you which highlights not to miss on your Vietnam trip: 8 good reasons to travel to Vietnam this winter.

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Postcards From Jasmina. A Short Story

What if you grow old and feel like you haven’t lived your life? What if you were alone at home and dreamed of places far away, places you’ll never have the chance to see? Like Maria, who is sitting on her kitchen stool without motion, her tired eyes looking out of wrinkled lids, an old and tired woman…