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This is the place where all your fundamental travel questions will be settled. Are you a tourist or an independent traveler? What’s traveling all about, anyway, and what the hell is a real adventure? How can your beloved smartphone ruin a holiday? Isn’t infinite travel counterproductive if everything you want to do is escape your everyday routines?

Here, you’ll find all the big and small stories that form the experience of traveling. You’ll find thought-provoking questions about individual travel, big and small adventures, an occasional mishap and thought experiments. Because that is what travel is all about!

By the way: Traveling is dangerous! It can infect you with the travel bug. If you are infected with wanderlust once, you’ll never get rid of it again. It is like a persistent, chronic cold, only more pleasant. Reading about traveling has a similar effect. So don’t say I didn’t warn you…

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A Tale of Homesickness and Wanderlust

I always though that as a kid with a severe case of insatiable wanderlust I was immune to homesickness. But then it caught me out of nowhere. And I’m glad and thankful that it did. Because feeling homesick showed me that no matter how long and how far I travel, I still have a place that I can call home.

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Memories. A Thought Experiment

What if you are invited on THE journey of your lifetime. You can do whatever you want, as long as you want, without anybody interfering. You won’t even have to pay for it. The rub is: Your photos will be deleted after the journey. Also, your memories will be erased and you won’t remember anything. Will you take the journey anyway?

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You Are What You Eat

Are you an experimental eater or do you shy away from foreign food? Did you ever try scorpions? Minke whale? When it comes to foreign cuisines we have to leave our culinary comfort zone. Experimenting with strange tastes is awesome – even though some foreign dishes and snacks might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Getting Lost

Getting lost in foreign places is one of the most rewarding ways of travel. It reduces your stress level to a minimum and opens your senses to a maximum. Finally, you’ll be able to see your surrounding for real. Not sure how to manage getting lost – without really getting lost? Help is just one click away!

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What makes a sight a sight?

Sights are the regulatory element of all our travels. Only a few of us manage travel without sightseeing. No matter how far off the beaten path you travel, the sight is where you’ll meet up with all those other travelers and tourists. But who defines what’s worth seeing? What makes a sight a sight?

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Why We Should Stop Traveling Alone

Traveling on your own is great and from time to time it is necessary. I have made some great experiences when I was traveling alone. But it is even better to have a travel partner. We should stop to think of travel as a solitary business. We should start traveling with people we care about.

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Well then, enjoy your summer holidays!

The summer holidays are about to begin and although I ought to be happy that I don’t have to travel with the crowds, the holiday mood of these days is infectious. I catch myself day-dreaming about Mediterranean beaches and Italian ice cream, seized by a tiny little monster called holiday envy.