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This is the place where all your fundamental travel questions will be settled. Are you a tourist or an independent traveler? What’s traveling all about, anyway, and what the hell is a real adventure? How can your beloved smartphone ruin a holiday? Isn’t infinite travel counterproductive if everything you want to do is escape your everyday routines?

Here, you’ll find all the big and small stories that form the experience of traveling. You’ll find thought-provoking questions about individual travel, big and small adventures, an occasional mishap and thought experiments. Because that is what travel is all about!

By the way: Traveling is dangerous! It can infect you with the travel bug. If you are infected with wanderlust once, you’ll never get rid of it again. It is like a persistent, chronic cold, only more pleasant. Reading about traveling has a similar effect. So don’t say I didn’t warn you…

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And Travel, Like Adventure, is a State of Mind

One of the many reasons to travel is the search for adventures. Traveling, indeed, has always been something special. It always was – and in parts still is – exciting, mythical, and shrouded in legend. This is particularly true for the time when traveling still was a necessity and when journeys were arduous, especially those crossing borders – long before passport controls and simple visa regulations, long before the invention of the airplane or the automobile.