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Same But Different: A Change in Perspective

Did you ever feel like you never saw a place although you have been there many times?

I live in a neighborhood with many one-way roads – including the one I live in – which forces me to drive a short detour through a parallel street whenever I arrive from a certain direction. I have been driving through that street for years, and also walk through it from time to time. I know this street so well, I could paint it with my eyes closed.

At least I thought so. Today, I was walking through that exact street and felt like I was in totally strange surrounding. I was passing the street in the opposite direction – which I had never done before, I realized. It felt like I did not know a single house or front garden, and the end of the street offered the view on a house that seemed only vaguely familiar. I have been standing in front of that house quite often, but never seen it from a distance.

It’s weird how things look totally different if you regard them from another perspective. It is like watching your living room in a mirror and see what it would look like if it was inverted. And it is like returning home from a long journey and find that everything still is the same, but other than you remembered it to be.

Photo by Friedrich Walzer.

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