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The Hawaii Bucket List: Planning a Visit to the Aloha State

Aloha my friend! In three weeks exactly, I’ll board my plane and I am positively bursting with anticipation because: I am going to Hawaii! I am going to Hawaii! I am going to Hawaii! It’s been five months since I booked my plane ticket and now the journey is finally getting close. And since I want that trip to become epic – and since I like lists, of course – I made up a personal must do vacation list. May I present: The Hawaii Bucket List and 19 things to do in Hawaii.

By the way: Would you like to get a postcard from Hawaii? A real one, handwritten? Scroll down the list to see how to get it!

The Hawaii Bucket List

1. Build a green sand castle

2. “Bake” black sand cakes

3. Wear shorts in bright colors for three weeks in a row

4. Paint each toenail in a different color

5. Run around with flowers in my hair

6. Never blow-dry my hair

7. Hike in the eye of flowing lava

8. Search for a treasure

9. Sing with the whales

10. Jump on hotel beds

11. Get friends with a turtle

12. Learn to surf like a pro

13. Get a tan

14. Paint freckles to my cheeks

15. Switch off my phone

16. Find a lonely waterfall

17. Watch the sun rise above the clouds

18. Constantly wear a bikini instead of underwear

19. Learn all the meanings of Aloha


Now it’s your turn. Did I forget anything? I’m happy to get your travel tips!

By the way: Would you like to get a postcard from Hawaii? A real one, handwritten? Just leave me a comment – either on the blog or on Facebook – until October 30! I’ll randomly choose ten of you who can look forward to getting mail from me. If you’re in, you’ll get an Email before I leave, asking your address – because, well, obviously, a postcard wouldn’t reach you without that. I assure you that your details are safe and won’t be used for anything else!


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  1. Anna, don’t miss out on Napali coast! Either book a boat trip or helicopter flight along it. It’s definitely worth it. That part of the globe starred in a number of movies (one being “Jurassic Park”) but is more impressive when seen with your own eyes. You can also hike a part of it, which is adventurous, but doesn’t give you the great views you can enjoy from the sea side. Hiking will be a great test for your DURA CASE though, as it will take you a full day for just a couple miles through the rain forest.
    Have fun there! Oh, and I do hope for a post card!

    • Hi Roland,

      thanks for your tip! At the moment, I am planning to visit O’ahu, Big Island and Maui so it might be a bit difficult to squeeze a flight to Kauai into my schedule. But I heard and read so much about the Napali coast – maybe I’ll still find a way to see it. Hiking is very high on my list, as is surfing, so I guess I’ll find quite some time to test the dura case 🙂

      If you want to get a postcard, I’ll send you one! Could you email your address to anna (at)
      Have a great sunday! Anna

  2. Karolina

    Wow, I’d love to visit Hawaii, have fun Anna!

    PS. You should add to your bucket list “Write some postcards to my readers”. I really want to have one! ;-))


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