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Hawaii: Islands That Will Leave You Speechless

Exactly three weeks ago I woke up in paradise for the last time. Some hours later I boarded a plane from Honolulu to Salt Lake City. Reluctantly. My visa was valid for two more months and I could well have stayed. I could have checked into a small beach lodge for some more weeks. Instead, I lined up for the first stage of my way back home from Hawaii. I have been back in Germany for three weeks now. Germany, the other side of the world, where there is winter and Christmas right around the corner, and where everything is different.

I am back but a part of me isn’t. The body travels faster than the soul. I have never noticed this as much as I do now. I walk to work every day with temperatures around the freezing point. With every day, Christmas comes a bit closer. But then, another part of me still drifts in the Pacific Ocean on a surfboard, legs dangling in the water, silently watching the corals that sparkle at the bottom of the sea like multicolored crystals when the sun shines upon them. Bright yellow fish, green sea turtles and dolphins are enjoying themselves just like me. My inner me still lies on the beach and watches the waves rolling in. Fights its way through thick rain and bamboo forests to huge, secluded waterfalls and tries to fight off the mosquitos by nothing but the power of thought.

This is the part of me that wants to tell you what this journey was like and yet hasn’t found words for what was. I found myself speechless in Hawaii. The journey was without exaggeration the best trip I had in my life. Nowhere in the world did I like it as much as on that small group of islands, far away from all borders in the midst of a vast Pacific Ocean. And even though three weeks have passed between Hawaii and now, I still live in two worlds.

Hawaii and me. It just might be the beginning of a great love. But this isn’t supposed to be a love letter. It’s a reverie of paradise. As of yet, Hawaii is a fantasy rather than a reality.

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  1. David

    Awesome blog Anna. Well written. I’m heading over to Hawaii with my wife in a months time and your blog post about the costs lead me to you – traveling in peak season July is a big issue as costs are extreme, especially from Australian dollars.

    Keep up the great blog!


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