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Insight: Ilha de Mozambique

You really want to visit Ilha de Mozambique but you do not yet know what to do and where to go? You want to get to know the island and the city off the beaten path? The Insight Guide to Ilha de Mozambique is what you need! Today, Ruann of Solo Travel Uncut reveals some insiders’ tips…

What is Ilha de Mozambique famous for?
The St. Sebastian Fortress, a Unesco world heritage site, was built between 1558-1620. In the background is a dhow – the traditional wooden sailboat – and also Ilha’s main beach. Ilha de Mozambique is famous for all three.

How do you spot somebody from Ilha de Mozambique?

What should I eat in Ilha de Mozambique?
Try some delicious seafood!

Is there anything in Ilha de Mozambique that has unjustly fallen into oblivion?
We forgot how it once looked before the war…

Why should everybody visit Ilha de Mozambique at least once in his life?
To see unreal skies and untouched nature.

About the author: Ruann Weidemann of Solo Travel Uncut is a South African travel writer, blogger, digital nomad and aspiring pirate. Ilha de Mozambique was Ruann’s first home away from home. On the island, he worked at a lodge as an Assistant manager and dive instructor, led whale watching tours, diving excursions, cultural tours and ultimately became a part of the local community. In his own words, Ilha de Mozambique is ‘by far one of the most ethereal yet heart-rending places I’ve ever been to and holds a very special place in my heart’.

The Insight Guides are meant to be a guideline for guests and tourists to see the hidden spots and true gems of places they visit. They are photographed by locals showing their favorite spots. Do you want to become an Insight guide? Please e-mail me: anna(at) I’d be glad to have you on board!

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