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The Insight Guide To: Mainz, Germany

Are you planning to visit Mainz? Great idea. You should definitely do so! The Insight Guide to Mainz will help you find the best spots in the city…

What is Mainz famous for?
Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the letterpress is the city’s most prominent son. The Gutenberg Museum tells his story and is a dorado for typography lovers.

Why should everybody visit Mainz at least once in his life?
To see how we all go crazy on Fastnacht (carnival).

Which part of Mainz is not worth a visit?
No need to cross the Theodor Heuss Bridge and get out of Mainz… Unless you want to have a good view on the city.

How do you spot somebody from Mainz?
You’ll find him at the Marktfrühstück on Saturdays, enjoying Weck, Worscht & Woi (Bread, pork sausage, and wine).

What can I buy as a souvenir in Mainz?
If you want to buy something for yourself: Get a Mainz 05 jersey. Or else, get tickets for a Bundesliga soccer match. As a present or souvenir: Bring a Mainzelmännchen.

What should I eat in Mainz?
Actually, there are a lot of regional specialties. Next to Weck, Worscht & Woi, you should try Pretzels with Spundekäs’. Or simply help yourself to some tomatoes or zucchini from one of the public gardens.

Which is the best place to party in Mainz?
There are a lot of god concerts in the Schon Schön – and their weekend parties are also great.

In which season does Mainz show its most beautiful face?
If you are a wine lover, come in late summer or autumn and enjoy the colorful vineyards all around the city. This is also the time of most wine festivals – and of new wine, called Federweißer.

Is there anything in Mainz that has unjustly fallen into oblivion?
Most locals hate the city hall for its architecture – which is in fact a piece of art, designed by the famous Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. Although it may not look too nice at first sight, it really is.

The Insight Guides are meant to be a guideline for guests and tourists to see the hidden spots and true gems of places they visit. They are photographed by locals showing their favorite spots. Do you want to become an Insight guide? Please e-mail me: anna(at) I’d be glad to have you on board! 

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