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The Insight Guide to Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is Australia’s second biggest city. But did you know that it was voted most livable city in the world five times? Sounds good, right? Do you want to get to know the city’s hidden gems and get away from the tourist crowd? Want some help? The Insight Guide to Melbourne is what you need. Today, Mirko of reveals some insider’s tips and shares his favorite photos.

Why should everybody visit Melbourne at least once in his life?
It is a very modern, multicultural, and diversified city which offers something to everyone.

Which is the best place to meet in Melbourne?
Flinders Street Station. It is right in the city center and you will hardly miss anyone at the main entrance.


Which season is the best to visit Melbourne?
It can get really cold in winter, so the warm months from November to March are best to explore the city.

What should I eat in Melbourne?
People from 180 nations live in the city. Hence, its every day life is multicultural. You should definitely try one of the numerous Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, or Greek restaurants. They offer good value and highly tasty food.

Which is the best place to party in the city?
Melbourne’s nightlife is known for its live music scene with bands performing in pubs every day.

What can I buy as a souvenir in Melbourne?
There are a lot of stores offering a good choice of typically Australian souvenirs. You’ll get everything from a hat made of Kangaroo leather, Koala cuddlies, boomerangs, or didgeridoos.

How do you spot somebody from Melbourne?
He typically comes from England, Italy, Vietnam, China, New Zealand, Greece, India, Malaysia, or Poland.

The author: Mirko is a digital nomad currently based in London. He has lived in Australia for a few years and has spent a great part of that time in Melbourne – make sure to check out his city guide if you are planning to visit the city. As he has lost his heart to the land down under, he frequently returns there to meet friends and keep his guides up to date.

The Insight Guides are meant to be a guideline for guests and tourists to see the hidden spots and true gems of places they visit. They are photographed by locals showing their favorite spots. Do you love to take pictures and want to become an Insight guide? Please e-mail me: anna(at) I’d be glad to have you on board!

Featured Photo by Diliff.

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  1. Naturally, I can only support this. There is an old joke that the best thing to come out of Melbourne is the Hume Highway, which takes you to Sydney…… but we are just kidding 🙂

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