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Bored of Perspectives? Win a Lomo Fisheye Camera!

Ho, ho, ho! Is it Christmas already? Well, not yet. But St. Nicholas still has a little foretaste of the holidays for you. There is a surprise in his hipster present bag that I want to raffle off today: A Lomo Fisheye camera. Now, who’s interested?

Personally, I would never travel without taking at least one of my cameras with me. I own two of them, a DSLR and a compact camera, and depending on where my journeys lead me and how I travel, one of them will be in my luggage for sure. Apart from the two, I use a Go Pro and sometimes even my iPhone to capture certain moments. Yet I only use the phone when I am on the road with very little to carry on, that is, when I am meeting friends for example. I simply love capturing unusual scenes or taking pictures from unusual perspectives.

From time to time I ask myself why I almost only do this when I am on the road in some place away from home.

When I think of a tourist, I spontaneously think of someone who has a camera dangling around his neck. Because most of the time, it is tourists that take pictures of their surrounding. And most of the times we are taking pictures we are taking them as tourists. All the while there are so many great scenes to shoot right next to where we live. Still, we almost never capture our home, and if we do it, we do it in a very different way. Because the scenes next door are not special anymore, but the unknown is. Unless we change perspectives – or else, camera lenses.


What would you like to photograph from a fish eye perspective?

I will raffle off the camera amongst all those of you who answer the above question in a comment AND share this article with their friends on either facebook or twitter BEFORE December 14, 12:00 a.m. Chance decides who will be the winner.

I will inform the winner via E-Mail so he or she can get his present before Christmas. The name will be published beneath this article. I am looking forward to making the lucky draw on the winner and keep my fingers crossed for you!

Update December, 14: The winner is Toni who wants to take pictures of Hamburg fish market. Have fun with your new camera!

The St. Nicholas present is sponsored by momondo, the travel search engine that enables users to find and compare prices on flights, hotels and cars. Thanks a lot!

Photos by Nemo und Meineresterampe.

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  1. Schommi

    Right now, I would probably start with taking some shots of the christmas markets around and try to catch the atmosphere with all the beautiful lights. After a drink or two the fish eye lens might get even more interesting 😉 Just kidding! I will be in Hamburg in January and would love to take pictures of the city from a whole new perspective.

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