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The Soft White Vision that is Spring in Bloom

Spring is finally here. It has come quite late this year, and it still isn’t the perfect sunny spring I wished for but the signs are unmistakable. The trees and bushes are exploding with green leaves, apples and cherries are in full bloom. The rain of the past few days has accelerated the process and you can literally watch the burst of buds.

It is funny how every season has its very own beautiful face. I would never want to miss any of them. I love spring for its blossoms, singing birds, and light air as well as I love summer for its warmth, its sunshine, and its mild nights, fall for its falling leaves and colorful skies, October rains and morning fogs, and winter for its snow, crisp air, and frosts.

I would never want to live in a different climate with few or no seasonal change – well, at least not forever. Of course, they all have their dark sides as well: Spring brings on hay fever, summer can be so hot once in a while that you think you can only live by the poolside, fall can be kind of depressing, and winter is not only about crisp, white snow, of course, but also about mud and slush and seemingly never-ending darkness.

The good thing about seasons is that they are never the same across the globe. Whenever you are sick of winter, you can go to some warmer place. After three months of winter, a week in the sun can give you the power for yet another month. Sometimes, people only travel for a change of climate. But sometimes, waiting for the arrival of the next season is just as rewarding. Happy springtime!

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