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Postcards From Jasmina. A Short Story

What if you grow old and feel like you haven’t lived your life? What if you were alone at home and dreamed of places far away, places you’ll never have the chance to see? Like Maria, who is sitting on her kitchen stool without motion, her tired eyes looking out of wrinkled lids, an old and tired woman…

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Why We Should Stop Traveling Alone

Traveling on your own is great and from time to time it is necessary. I have made some great experiences when I was traveling alone. But it is even better to have a travel partner. We should stop to think of travel as a solitary business. We should start traveling with people we care about.

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Well then, enjoy your summer holidays!

The summer holidays are about to begin and although I ought to be happy that I don’t have to travel with the crowds, the holiday mood of these days is infectious. I catch myself day-dreaming about Mediterranean beaches and Italian ice cream, seized by a tiny little monster called holiday envy.

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Insight: Ilha de Mozambique

You really want to visit Ilha de Mozambique but you do not yet know what to do and where to go? You want to get to know the island and the city off the beaten path? The Insight Guide to Ilha de Mozambique is what you need!