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On My Bucket List: Travel Down the US East Coast

The United States are a perfect country for road trips with their infrastructure and endless, beautiful landscapes to be discovered. In 2009, I did a tour through the South West, California, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada and totally caught the road trip travel bug. My next trip there will hopefully lead my to the East Coast which I plan to travel from New England down to Florida.

From Maine …

… via New York City …

… via Philadelphia and so on …

… to Florida.

Photos by Wikipedia (3) and Steve.

Note: I have decided to slowly develop my bucket list as a series of posts instead of posting everything that is in my head all at once. Each Saturday, I will add a new point to my list and, what’s more important, explain to you why it is on there. Have a look at the growing list here and read all my explanations here.

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  1. Great idea for an itinerary. I’d love to do all those things too but end up in NYC. It looks like you have done a lot of cool things on your adventures. I never thought of doing Maine but will have to look it up 🙂

  2. Philadelphia is not exactly on the coast, which means you are prepared to swing inland, and that is good. I hope you can get to Atlanta as well. Boston is one of my fav US cities. The autumn colours in New England are wonderful.

    • The country is so huge that Philadelphia seems to be at the coast although, of course, it is not. So yes, I’ll definitely swing inland sometime. Let’s see where the road takes me…

  3. Great idea! I’ve been to Maine and Florida and New York and Boston, but to nothing in between.
    I got to Maine rather by accident. I never would have had it on my to-go list for the near future, but then I had the chance of visiting a client (his son had been kidnapped to Germany and I brought him back to Maine) and of staying in Maine for one week, and I was overwhelmed by the beauty of that state. Beautiful coastline, beautiful forests, beautiful wooden houses. Great for hiking or for an outing on a boat.
    You’ll definitely enjoy that! I was there in May and it was the perfect time.

    • I have never been to the East Coast at all so I thought wouldn’t it be great to see it all at once Maine is on my list for ages – since tenth grade to be precise, when we hosted a student from Portland. She doesn’t live there anymore so there’s nobody to visit but I still want to see the state. And I would love to see the famous Indian summer, so I’ll probably travel in fall. But I believe it’s also very nice in May.

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